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Coach Taylor Neal sent her comments on the results of the girls' meets at Brownwood Lions XC meet... Complete Coleman results (boys and girls) are below these comments: 

High School Girls (2 miles):  Top runner was Emerie Nicholson with a 13:18, she placed 16th overall. We placed 12th out of 20 teams. The team ran really well for the first meet and I am very pleased with where we are starting out. As far as district competitors that were at the meet, we beat Miles and Winters which is a great sign starting out. 

8th Grade Girls (1.5 miles):  We had one medalist and another top 15 finisher, Vicky Guerrero placed 5th and ran a 10:30, and Lexi Foster placed 11th with a time of 10:44. The 8th grade team of Vicky Guerrero, Lexi Foster, Teri Benitez, Kaci Garrett, Addie Thompson, Eileen Benitez, Andrea Phillips, Leah Elkin, and Lilly Scott placed 2nd overall. I am very proud of this 8th grade group, with only a couple weeks of practice this was a fantastic accomplishment for them.   (Read more below...)

7th Grade Girls (1.5 miles):  We had 2 top 10 medalists, Haylee Foster placed 6th with a time of 10:55, and Savannah Hurtado placed 9th with a time of 11:08. The 7th grade team of Haylee Foster, Savannah Hurtado, Makenna Riggs, Calli Farrow, and Gabi Galvez placed 5th overall. With this being their first ever cross country meet, I am incredibly proud of their effort and their times. 

We are excited for Eula next TUESDAY! To see the complete results from the Brownwood Lion meet click on the following link:


  • Emerie Nicholson 13:18.89, 16th Place
  • Katy Elder 14:18.31,  71st
  • Amber Chambers 14:37.23,  84th
  • Jackie Horne 14:52.96,  94th
  • London Warren 15:22.66,  106th
  • Addison Farrow 15:28.00,  108th
  • Zoie Staggs 16:07.41,  129th


  • Jacob Ramirez 16:40.33,  5th Place
  • Brody Bland 20:30.66,  64th
  • Gio Villanueva 20:32.49,  65th
  • Lane Bowers 21:49.24,  93rd
  • Skyler Clark 23:45.94,  113th

8th GIRLS XC - 2nd PLACE

  • Victoria Guerrero 10:30.23,  5th Place
  • Lexi Foster 10:44.39,  11th
  • Teri Benitez 11:56.67,  30th
  • Kaci Garrett 11:56.97,  31st
  • Addie Thompson 12:01.17,  33rd
  • Eileen Benitez 12:21.62,  46th
  • Andrea Phillips 14:42.28,  108th

7th GIRLS XC - 5th PLACE

  • Haylee Foster 10:55.79, 6th Place
  • Savannah Hurtado 11:08.85,  9th
  • Makenna Riggs 12:29.20,  35th
  • Calli Farrow 12:46.40,  45th
  • Gabriella Galvez 15:14.47,  107th


  • Haeden Sikes 10:26.12,  28th Place
  • Landon Bowers 10:37.47,  36th
  • Brady Elder 11:21.85,  59th
  • Caleb Keeney 11:29.42,  62nd
  • Riley Johnson 13:15.56,  106th
  • Adin Palacio 14:08.97,  119th - corrected name
  • Archie Lancaster 16:56.61,  127th