Corbin Rosales

Corbin Rosales taking a jumper near the free throw line against the Hamilton Bulldogs. (Coleman Today Photo) 

The Coleman Bluecats got their second district win on Tuesday night against Hamilton, 34-23. It was obviously not a great offensive showing for either team, but all that matters is who's on top at the end of the game! The Bluecats made that happen by outscoring the Bulldogs by 7 points in the second half. A score of 5-3 at the end of the first quarter set the tone for the rest of the night. It was a defensive physical game with plenty of rebounding opportunities; Coleman had 41 total - 27 defensive and 14 offensive. On the scoring problem, Coach Cameron Lowman finally told his boys, "We're not making 3's, get the ball inside!" They heeded his advice as much as they could. When you've made three's all year, it's a hard habit to break. Jalen Holloway made the only three-point shot for the Bluecats, out of 18 total shot by the team. This is very unusual, and you could tell the kids were not happy about it. BUT, they finally started driving on Hamilton and got some fouls called. The Cats made 9 of 16 free throws to help in their win.

The JV boys won another exciting game, winning 44-35. There's some talent on that team, and Coach Stautzenberger takes advantage of it every week. Both Bluecat teams will play Friday against Cisco in Coleman. Game times have been moved up to 4:00 for JV boys and 5:15 for Varsity boys. Good Luck Bluecats! Scoring for the Varsity and JV is below and stats for the varsity is attached. (Watch for separate PHOTO ALBUMS for the JV and Varsity Boys.)

Coleman Bluecats 34 - Hamilton - 23

  • Jalen Holloway - 5
  • Clayton Olinger - 4
  • Corbin Rosales - 11
  • Jett Vann - 1
  • Cameron Sikes - 4
  • Braxton Smith - 4
  • Ryland Gentry - 5

JV Bluecats 44 - Hamilton JV 35

  • Roberson - 14
  • Hale - 2
  • Mason - 7
  • Bell - 4
  • Navarro - 8
  • Wright - 9