Coleman Bluecats took a BIG win over Anson Friday night with a score of 33-6. That gives the Bluecats a 2-0 record for the year with the Brady Bulldogs coming up next week.

Coach John Elder spoke with KOXE's Randy Turner after the victory over the Anson Tigers. After Randy mentioned that the Cats scored early, Coach said, "We like to start fast and then be stingy on defense. We were able to get two touchdowns on the first two possessions and later got our ground game going and were physical up front. I thought we were able to take control of the trenches, the ground game and manage the clock. They were able to score after a turnover and you don't want a team like that to start getting momentum. We were able to slow them back down and keep them contained the rest of the night, and we were able to get out of here alive."

Sophomore quarterback Jadin Jackson threw two touchdown passes to Junior Devinar Roberson in the first 5 minutes of the game, one for 55 yards and one for 71 yards. Both PAT kicks by Christian Villeda were good and the score was Coleman 14 - Anson 0 with 7:07 left in the 1st quarter. That definitely set the tone for the game.

Anson went three downs and out in their first two possessions. Coleman got the ball after their second possession and started on the 20 yardline in a drive that took about seven minutes off the clock and stretched into the 2nd quarter. The drive started with Ryland Gentry getting a 27 yard gain. RJ Wright, Gentry, Braxton Smith and Denver Hunter managed more yardage, along with Jackson. Penalties (Illegal man downfield and two holding calls) during the drive made it difficult for the Bluecats, but Christian Villeda did come in with 9:55 left in the 2nd quarter and kicked a 28 yard Field Goal making the score Coleman 17 - Anson 0.

Anson received Villeda's kickoff at the 6 yard line, but managed to get to their own 33 yardline to begin their next drive. In the second series of the possession, Garrett Smith stopped Anson's QB on 2nd down. Then Brent Bouldin took the quarterback down on 4th and 2 ending their possession.

Coleman took the ball and with 6:11 left in the 2nd quarter, a Jackson fumble handed the ball back to the Tigers. This time Anson was able to get the ball into the endzone for a touchdown, but their PAT was no good. The score was Coleman 17 - Anson 6 with 5:02 left in the first half.

The kickoff from Anson was a line drive and Hagen Cavenaugh picked up the ball gaining 8 yards to Coleman's 40 yard line. With 4:55 left in the half, Gentry took the ball from Jackson on the first play from scrimmage and broke free for a 60 yard touchdown run. Villeda's PAT missed to the left; but the score was Coleman 23 - Anson 6.

The Tigers were stopped on the kickoff by Keaton Beets on their 27 yardline. Anson managed two sets of down but the Cat defense held them for another punt. Jackson received the kick and with 1:40 left in the half, Coleman moved the ball from their own 13 yardline to Anson's 18. The Bluecats weren't able to score before time ran out, and they went into the locker room ahead 23-6.

The 3rd Quarter began with Anson receiving the kickoff but they, again, only got one set of downs and had to punt. Coleman started this short possession on the 24 yardline. On first down, Gentry ran to the Anson 36, BUT, a holding call brought the ball back. RJ Wright and Brent Bouldin got a few yards between them. However, on 4th down Sophomore Brent Bouldin punted the ball down to the Anson 25 yardline; close to a 50 yard punt.

Anson managed four first downs on their next possession, but with fourth down and 6 yards to go, the Cats stopped them. There was 2:26 left in the 3rd quarter and the Bluecats weren't finished scoring on the night.

QB Jackson kept the ball on 1st down gaining 6 yards; then, after an incomplete pass he ran a QB draw up the middle and gained 12 yards for a first down. Moving into the 4th Quarter, Bouldin's carry made it a 4th and 1; Jackson kept the ball for a 13 yard gain and another first down. With the ball on Anson's 34 yardline, Jackson pitched the ball to Gentry who went up the sideline for Coleman's fourth touchdown. With Villeda's PAT the score was Coleman 30 - Anson 6 and there were just under 11 minutes left in the game.

On their next possession Anson was held with big tackles behind the line of scrimmage by Christian Espitia and George Salas. After one set of downs, they were forced to punt again.

With about 9 minutes left, after an incomplete pass, Gentry carried the ball up the middle to the 35 yard line. The Coleman offensive formation showed they were going to hold onto the ball, run it and get some time off the clock. Gentry ran again for another 1st down to Anson's 24 yardline. Wright and Dayden Hunter helped move the ball towards the endzone. Gentry got the ball to the 15 yardline; but, after a penalty for illegal man downfield, Villeda kicked a 32 yard field goal to add to the score. Coleman 33 - Anson 6 with 4:28 left in the game.

Anson took the kickoff but only managed a couple of first downs before having to punt. Coleman got the ball again and with a new offensive line, Bouldin took a couple of handoffs and pitchouts before having to punt the ball with 0:22 left in the game.

Time ran out on Anson after one play and Coleman's 2nd victory of the year was in the books. Congratulations Bluecats.

The Cats play IN Brady next Friday with the game starting at 7:30pm. Remember Randy Turner and Brock Bouldin will be bringing you the game on or on the KOXE app.