Abbi Allen scored 1002 Points in her basketball career - by Coach Meg Barrett

Individual accolades celebrated in team sports can get a little dicey: Players don't win championships, teams do. I wholeheartedly agree with this, but there are still times when it is appropriate to highlight individual players' efforts. We highlight it not to thrust them in the spotlight and diminish the work anyone does as a group, but to inspire future players and celebrate the contributions of those dedicated to the program's legacy. All teams have a high scorer every game. Not all teams have someone who can score and is happy when different team members score more than them.

During the 2019-2020 season, Abbi Allen scored 462 points in a single season. Nearly five hundred points in a season is a feat all its own. As we approached this season, I knew how many points she lacked to reach 1000. I did not send it out in a newsletter or call the paper. There was no glamorous meeting, no public recognition, no push for Abbi to focus solely on the number of points she could score. A simple acknowledgment that she needed 324 points. At the last district game, I announced she lacked 11 points to reach the goal. The following day she went down with a significant ankle injury, and it seemed that would be where she landed for good.  

2020-2021 has not been a glamorous season. We have lost more than we have won. We have canceled games, missed practices, and endured losses that are better left forgotten. In the center of all this was our team leader. I have seen her care about her performance as it contributes to the team more than I have ever seen any other player. In her last game as a Bluekatt, she played injured. Though many saw her running and jumping, she was anything but 100%. The public and her team were not there early in the morning when she was rehabbing. No one was with her when she shot baskets at home without her crutches (sorry, Mike), and she hid the internal struggle of not playing with her teammates. She even stayed after practice to make sure she could balance her shot with the heavy tape job and brace. A player must be consistent, healthy, and mentally strong to weather the ups and downs of being an athlete. It is never easy, no matter how easy it looks from the outside.     (Read more below... AND PHOTO ALBUM attached)

Abbi's magic number is 1002. That's where she landed in her last game as a Bluekatt. I want more than anything to help as many players as possible to run for this goal. If our Bluekatts see this goal is attainable, the only number we will discuss in the future is how WE are number 1. But more than anything, I hope the players who still have years to contribute to Coleman Girls Basketball will see that Abz would trade every single point if it meant we would win every single game. Once a Bluekatt, Always a Bluekatt.