Fire Fighters and the Coolers

Several the of members of our Coleman County volunteer fire departments accepting the Iceland coolers provided by donors.  Thank you for all you do! (Coleman Today Photo) 

THANK YOU Coleman County Residents!! With your help, $17,214 has been raised SO FAR for the Coleman County Firefighters Fund !! 

Remember, it's going to be divided 9 ways, so that each County Volunteer Fire Department receives funds to assist them.  With this total, each department will get $1,922.67.  If you start looking at the costs of repairing their trucks, furnishing gas to get to the fires, tires needed, helmets, gloves, goggles, and so much more that they need when responding to a fire, you'll realize this amount won't quite be enough!  

A little side story on getting help, and giving helping...  A man's home was saved on Hwy 67 near the Horne Hill Fire recently.  Coleman Today reported on this fire; a house was in the midst of the flames, but the firefighters were able to keep the fire at bay.  As a thank you, the home owner asked Jimmy Watson, Coleman's Fire Chief, what he could do as a thank you.  He offered his services to assist in repairing a truck (I believe it was a Santa Anna truck).  This truck was used within days of his repair to save at least one home, that I personally know of, on Hwy 84 north of Coleman last weekend.  HIS assistance of working on the vehicle seemed like a small thing to offer; but, everyone needs to realize it's the little things we do that make it all work!  Thank you to him, thank you to all the fire fighters, and thank you to the Coleman County Community for coming to the aid of those that serve us!  .....  NOW .... 

Let's not stop here... we really need to add to this total - Get your raffle tickets from the Chamber - $20 per ticket or 6 for $100 - or bring monetary donations.  More prizes have been added to the raffle and we will publish that when available.  (CLICK HERE to see the original article on the Raffle.)  Here's how the fundraising has gone so far: 

  • $14,195 raised Sunday 
  • $2,065 raised at the Chamber
  • $954 at the Farmers Market
  • Total so far $17,214

Sunday's burgers and music on the Courthouse lawn had a great turnout.  They were expecting about 200 people (for burgers), but they sold over 600!  Becky Slayton, Chamber Director, started the organization of the event, with many others joining in to make it a total success.  Businesses and individuals donated everything, including funds to purchase Iceland 75 Quart Coolers for each of the nine County Fire Departments.  The music following the hamburgers was by Bob Ray and the Beginners and Four Barrel.  Many people brought their lawn chairs and listened, and a few even danced in the grass.  Below is a list of those that helped out with the donations of food, drink, and funds for the coolers (If anyone was accidentally missed, let us know and we will add to the list): 

  • Cattledrive Cafe - meat, pickles and cooked the burgers
  • Big Os - 40 pounds of meat
  • Coldwater - mayo/ Mustard
  • Ben E Keith- cheese, lettuce, tomatoes
  • Sonic - Buns
  • Shoppin' Baskit - chips
  • Dr Pepper Bottlin Co - 3 cases of Dr Pepper
  • Hank/ Darla Wise
  • Roberto/ Annette, Prickly Pear
  • Randy and Kathy Turner, Coleman Today
  • David / Glacia Stalcup, Petal Patch
  • Richard / Sharlene Hetzel, Coleman County State Bank
  • Liz Jones, Grammers
  • Zac / Kathy Allen, Owl Drug
  • Herman/ Carolyn Law
  • Lana Kading, Stevens Funeral Home
  • Coleman County Chamber of Commerce Agriculture and Tourist Bureau - Coke’s, water, Dr Pepper, Foil, Cookies, Napkins (Cont. below) 

A BIG THANK YOU to ALL for the community support, but an even BIGGER and truly heartfelt THANK YOU goes to all 9 Fire Departments for all you do!