Starry Night - StarGazers

The newly formed Coleman County astronomy club will meet at City Park near the basketball court to observe NASA’s Annual International Observe the Moon Night tonight at 8 p.m. (weather permitting). Everyone interested in astronomy is welcome. The club will have a few telescopes available to share or you can bring your own telescope or binoculars and mix and mingle with friends interested in astronomy. 

Tonight, the moon will be in waxing gibbous, an intermediate phase in which it is not yet full. NASA considers it one of the best phases to see the moon in its full glory.       (Read more below...)

StarGazers will keep everyone up to date on all the astronomical phenomena we can enjoy, plus arrange for stargazer parties at the many promising dark locations in our county for very special events. You can become a member of the club by clicking here to reach the Group page on Facebook.  No dues, all ages welcome.