Stevens Funeral Home

From Lana Kading, Owner/Director of Stevens Funeral Home: 

We have recently been notified by National Funeral Directors Association, of which we are a member, that FEMA will soon begin rolling out a relief program to reimburse families who had loved ones who died as a result of Co-VID.  We are anxious to help those in our community who are eligible for this reimbursement. We are currently participating in webinars and gathering information so that we are well informed on the process and will be able to assist with any and all paperwork.   Please call us at 325-625-2175 to set up an appointment for explanation of these benefits.  We will be glad to assist anyone in our community with this process.   The program will go into effect on or about April 12, 2021.  We will be posting updated information on our website ( and Facebook page.