Rogers for Texas House

It often appears that a great number of Texans have no concern about being represented in their state government. Perhaps – as long as things are going well – and no calamity arises – they acquire a false sense of security. This “all is well” feeling lends itself to complacency and lack of feeling a need to participate.

But – believe me – the cold stark reality that this current Coronavirus pandemic event is placing on budgets at all levels of government – will have direct bearing upon each one of us. The things that we have long taken for granted – such as public and higher education - - rural health care - - all levels of road and highway maintenance - - are going to feel the budget cuts that will be required. Governor Abbott – Lt. Governor Patrick and Speaker of the House Bonnen have already notified state agencies that their budget requests automatically be reduced 5% from the current budget. We need someone representing us who can create coalitions that will help him ensure that these budget cuts come from “fluff” – not from our most pressing agency needs. Based upon having observed his past life - I am convinced that Dr. Rogers has the social skills and leadership capability to ensure that this protection will be provided during the state budget process. I am convinced that he can help create coalitions that will best represent our rural counties. After almost 30 years of watching freshmen state representatives – it becomes very clear that the best idea in the world serves NO purpose if that representative cannot build supporting teams and coalitions.

 It is a fact - the 2020 – ten-year federal census will require our state legislature to redistrict all of our elective office geographic areas. This is a mandatory move to balance population requirements. This brings on a major fear and concern for we rural counties.

The current Texas House District 60 – of which Brown and Coleman counties are a part – will definitely be reconfigured and connected to a different set of counties. Texas has grown from 25.1 Million in the last federal census in 2010 - - to more than 29 Million at the current time. This will put pressure on our central Texas counties who did not

gain in population. It will require that we be combined with urban-suburban areas of the state. This must be done in order to meet the requirement of equal population numbers for all Texas House districts

Whomever we elect to represent us in this 2020 election will play a large role in determining our very existence as rural counties. Our already small voices can become MUCH smaller for the next ten-year period. It is possible that our voice will become totally lost in the urban-suburban legislature’s future decisions and actions.

I am convinced that it is imperative that we vote for – and elect someone who possesses the stature and moral values of Dr Glenn Rogers. We need his strong leadership to be our representative voice when decisions concerning our future are made. I am convinced that Dr Rogers rural roots, moral and fiscal values are more important and more needed than they have ever been before.

As a result of serving Brown and Coleman Counties in the Texas House for 6 sessions – I learned the impact that a single person can help bring about. The real issue becomes obvious – when that person is there for the right reason – without being indebted to major contributors. I am convinced that Dr Rogers will provide equal representation for everyone in District 60 - - not just a hand full with the deepest pockets who listen to a single issue constituency.

My wife and I early voted for Dr Rogers in the primary. We have been willing to invest our own money in his drive to become our state representative. WE will be early voting again during this most important election. I urge you to consider doing the same thing. Your vote AND my vote for Dr Glenn Rogers is most important for the future of rural Texas. Will you join us and early vote for Dr Glenn Rogers to represent all of us in Texas House district 60.

  • Robert R. (Bob) Turner
  • Former State Representative
  • Former State Director Texas Farm Bureau
  • LTC – USAR - Retired