Dr. Glenn Rogers

MINERAL WELLS, TX – Dr. Glenn Rogers released a statement today clarifying his position on taxpayer-funded lobbying.

“As a conservative, first and foremost I believe in local control. If a decision can be made at the local level, then it should be made at the local level. That has historically been our position as Republicans.

“I’ve spent a lot of time listening to people talk about taxpayer-funded lobbying. People I trust and respect, like former Governor Perry. Let me make this clear: rural counties have taxpayer-funded lobbyists – they are called state representatives. The reality is that with limited resources and few representatives in areas West of I-35, including District 60, we are at a huge disadvantage. Though we are dangerously underrepresented, District 60 – and other rural districts like it – needs to compete with big cities for state resources, industry, jobs, talent and people. Rural districts and rural issues need a larger voice in Austin, NOT a smaller one.

“Strong, citizen-formed interest groups like Mineral Wells Tomorrow PAC are an excellent example of neighbors uniting to voice their common interest, locally and in Austin. It is vital that our citizens are active participants in the political process. If a county or city would like to raise private sector money to hire an additional voice in Austin, that certainly should be their prerogative. However, there should be strict parameters and limitations on tax dollars being used for lobbying. Monies collected from citizens should be used to fund services for citizens. Taxpayer-funded lobbyists are not unlike unions making their members contribute their union dues for purposes or candidates they don’t support.

We need strong leaders who know and can communicate our issues to protect the rural way of life.”