Owl Drug begins new medication packaging service designed to improve health and safety while adding convenience. 

Owl Drug Store began a new medication packaging program almost a year ago to help promote and improve the health and safety for Coleman County and surrounding community pharmacy patients. The pilot program has been very successful with improved outcomes for patients’ medication management.  The program is called PakMyMeds.

PakMyMeds provides a simpler, safer medication experience through convenient, personalized packaging using the latest in pharmacy robotics. The service is designed to prevent dangerous medication errors for patients taking multiple prescriptions. PakMyMeds removes the guesswork for patients by allowing the pharmacy to pre-sort and package patient medications, labeling each dose by day, date and time then placing the pouches in a convenient storage box instead of medicine vials.  (Read more below...)

With PakMyMeds, taking medications on-the-go is very simple. In just seconds the patient can tear off the medication pouches they’ll need and take those pouches with them.

The convenient, easy-to-open packaging makes taking prescribed medications more straightforward and hassle-free and allows for greater independence in care-at-home situations and can accommodate prescriptions, OTC meds and even supplements.     (Read more below...)

Studies show that more than half of patients on multiple medications do not take their medications correctly. Medication non-adherence leads to 125,000 preventable deaths and more than $500 billion in avoidable health care costs each year.

“PakMyMeds eliminates the confusion and inconvenience for patients taking a large number of daily medications,” said Bill Earp, Owl Drug pharmacist. “The date-and-time stamped pouches mean no more pill sorting and fewer errors. Our patients tell us they’ve experienced life-changing improvements to their health, and family members are less worried that their loved ones may be skipping doses or accidentally taking too many of these vital medications.”

Owl Drug offers the PakMyMeds service at no charge, and will even deliver the medication to customers for free.

PakMyMeds is available immediately. Call 325-625-2178 and ask for PakMyMeds to get set up.