Members of the Town and Country Garden Club gathered for their monthly meeting at noon on October 5, 2021 at the J.A.B. Miller Library building. Kellye Sandlin and Karen Franco served as hostesses to the twenty-seven members and six guests that were present to discuss new ideas and share their knowledge of gardening.

President Jane Price called the meeting to order. The first item on the agenda was a presentation by   Baryn Vann on his attendance at the Texas Bobwhite Brigade this past summer. Baryn shared the knowledge and leadership skills he gained by participating in the camp, such as firearm handling and safety, the habitat requirement of the quail, and important team building and leadership skills. After his talk, Lear Vann then told of her experience at the Texas Coastal Brigade she attended.  The Brigade group learned about fish identification, habitat management, boater safety and more, along with public speaking and leadership skills. The audience enjoyed the talks and the excitement of the two teenagers as they shared their experiences. After these presentations, President Price conducted the business portion of the meeting, which included a short report from special guest Angela Lewis, District VIII Director. Joy Skelton then exhibited the Artistic Design of the Month, and Sharon Dick showed the Horticulture Specimen. Susan Mansell gave the group the Garden Tip of the Month. After the conclusion of the business portion of the meeting, member and artist Sharon Dick gave the program of the month entitled “Gardening as Art”. She suggested that when planning, begin by thinking of the garden as a large blank canvas. Consider the elements of color in the garden including background colors, the harmony of different colors, including light and shadows, warmth and depth, and contrasting shapes and sizes. Sharon also suggested using highlights sparingly for extra interest. Her last tip to the group was to not worry about perfection, that every garden is a work in progress. The information given was thoroughly appreciated by all present.

After the program, the meeting was adjourned and members then participated in a fall plant exchange. Next month will be the Fall Field Trip meeting on November 2, 2021.  Anyone interested in the garden club may contact a current member for more information.