Coleman law enforcement assisted in the stopping of a high speed chase that originated in Abilene. Around 5:10pm, Wednesday, February 24, 2021, Abilene DPS called the Coleman dispatch to report that a car was headed south on Hwy 84 towards Coleman. They called before they had gotten to the Tuscola cutoff. Local Scanner traffic began at this time. By 5:16pm the speeding vehicle passed CR 490 in northern Coleman County.

After the call came to the Dispatcher, Sheriff Les Cogdill headed north of Coleman and waited at Silver Valley. His intentions were to slow down the driver by driving in front of him. This tactic was unsuccessful, as the driver sped past, going at least 115mph, and the driver drove past CR 474 about 5:21pm.

Cogdill described the car as a white van, and DPS had reported it was stolen.

The City of Coleman Police Department, sheriff's department and fire department all gathered vehicles at the 84 Bypass intersection, with intent to keep the driver from entering into the City. Spike strips were laid down before that spot, and these tactics together were successful.  (Read more below...)

The driver turned on the 84 Bypass losing rubber off his tires, and then went into the Coleman Inn parking lot, where he was apprehended.

At 5:29, City Police Officer Pat Salas announced the driver was in custody.

Thank you to all our local law enforcement and fire personnel that assisted in keeping this individual from causing injuries within the City of Coleman. More information on the driver will be published when available.