GA-29 and Coleman County

July 3, 2020

  1.  A new executive order, GA-29, mandating face masks statewide.
  2.  A proclamation amending GA-28, requiring approval for outdoor gatherings.


This executive order requires all people in Texas to wear a face mask covering the nose and mouth in public buildings and in outdoor public areas when it isn’t possible to maintain the six feet of social distancing. There are exemptions from this order.

This would include children under 10, medical conditions, disabilities, giving a speech, religious worship, voting, swimming, driving with same household members, eating and drinking, outdoor physical activity/exercising,

Penalties for violating the order are warnings for first time violations with fines of $250 thereafter.

The order allows County Judges to opt out of GA-29 if their County has fewer than 20 active cases. Coleman County currently has 1 active case which we have been informed about.

After careful consideration, I have today filed the necessary paperwork to exempt Coleman County from GA-29.


The proclamation amends GA-28 by prohibiting outdoor gatherings of more than 10 unless approved by local leaders. If the gatherings are within the city limits, approval must be obtained from the City Mayor. If the gatherings are in the unincorporated areas of our County, the approval must come from the County Judge. These restrictions were already in place, but the numbers were drastically reduced from 100 to 10.  


The virus is real, and should be taken seriously. I encourage the wearing of face masks in public settings but I do not believe it should be mandated. If we exceed 20 active cases, then our exemption will expire and GA-29 will be in effect for Coleman County.

  • Sincerely,
  • Billy D. Bledsoe
  • Coleman County Judge