commission meeting

Coleman County Commissioners met for a lengthy session on Monday, August 12. According to County Judge, Billy Bledsoe, the following business was conducted:

  • The Burn Ban remains in effect.
  • They canceled services of five (5) county cell phones and eliminated data lines. The county continues to discuss, with Frontier, other elimination of services to reduce the monthly phone bill. Savings to date equals over $5,000 per year, Bledsoe said.
  • Commissioners gave approval for the Chamber of Commerce to use county parking for Fiesta de la Paloma and also approved use of fireworks under close supervision of the Coleman Fire Department.
  • Commissioners approved a request from the Coleman County Firefighters for funding of mass emergency notifications system.
  • Commissioners accepted and approved a water right transfer from the CCRA.
  • An Inter-Local Agreement was approved between Lubbock County and Coleman County for use of a Regional Public Defender in any capital murder case that may be tried in Coleman County.
  • Commissioners approved a $10 Road and Bridge Fee for calendar year 2020 with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Commissioners approved the continuing education transcript for hours of Jamie Trammell, Tax Assessor Collector, for the period May 1, 2019 through April 30, 2020.
  • In requests from the Sheriff's Department, Commissioners approved a Law Library fee of $500 per year to be paid out of inmate commissary funds.
  • Commissioners gave approval for the Sheriff to hire two deputies.
  • From the County Attorney Office, discussion and possible action on a letter from the Texas Lottery Commission dated July 17, 2019, regarding HB 914 and the county possibly receiving a share of bingo proceeds ... died for lack of a motion. It applies to charitable bingo halls but is somewhat of a moot point at this time in Coleman County.
  • In a request from the County Clerk's Office, Commissioners allowed the elections officer to purchase new voting machines as the ones currently being used are past their life cycle and would need to be replaced within the next year or two.  
  • Budget Workshop - Commissioners worked until about 1:00 pm, going over the proposed budget for the new fiscal year, considering budget cuts to balance the budget.  We hope to have a more detailed report on the County Budget in the near future.