The Coleman ISD Board of Trustees’ will hold their regular meeting at 5:30 pm on Monday, July 20, 2020 in the CISD Administration building, 2302 South Commercial Avenue in Coleman. AGENDA (attached for your convenience) is as follows: 

PUBLIC HEARING:  Public Hearing on the CISD 2020-2021 Internet Safety Policies to Meet CIPA Requirements and Curriculum for Student Education of Appropriate Online Behavior to Meet FCC Regulations and Compliance


1. Personnel - Consider Accepting Resignations from Personnel

2. Personnel - Consider Recommendations to Hire Personnel for the 2020-2021 School Year

3. Consider Approving Intent to Submit Asynchronous Instruction Plan Letter of Intent by End of September, 2020

4. Consider Approving Superintendent Submit Synchronous Attestation of Online Application

5. Consider Approving UIL and Extra-Curricular Participation for At-Home Learners

6. Consider Approving 2019-2020 Campus Improvement Plans

7. Consider Approving 2020-2021 Student Code of Conduct

8. Consider Approving Revisions to TASB Policy EIC(LOCAL): Academic Achievement Class Ranking

9. Consider Approving Special Education Shared Services Arrangement Agreement

10. Consider Approving the Electronic Communications & Data Management Systems Student Internet Safety and Acceptable Use Policies for the 2020-2021 School Year

11. Consider Approving the Electronic Communications & Data Management Employee Acceptable Use Policy for 2020-2021 School Year

12. Set Cafeteria Student Paid Lunch Price to Meet USDA Regulations

13. Consider Approving TASB Local Policy Update 115 affecting local policies:

  • BF(LOCAL): Board Policies
  • DIA(LOCAL): Employee Welfare - Freedom From Discrimination, Harassment, And Retaliation
  • DMD(LOCAL): Professional Development - Professional Meetings And Visitations
  • EI(LOCAL): Academic Achievement
  • FB(LOCAL): Equal Educational Opportunity
  • FD(LOCAL): Admissions
  • FEB(LOCAL): Attendance - Attendance Accounting
  • FFG(LOCAL): Student Welfare - Child Abuse And Neglect
  • FFH(LOCAL): Student Welfare - Freedom From Discrimination, Harassment, And Retaliation
  • FMF(LOCAL): Student Activities - Contests And Competition
  • FNG(LOCAL): Student Rights And Responsibilities - Student And Parent Complaints/Grievances
  • GF(LOCAL): Public Complaints

14. Amend the Budget

15. Budget Workshop


1. Termination of Pay Bus Route

2. 2020 T ASA/T ASB Joint Annual Convention


1. CISD Family Engagement Survey Results

2. Property and Casualty Insurance

3. Date to Adopt Tax Rate and Hold Budget Hearing

4. Date for Meeting to Approve Final Budget Amendments for 2019-2020

5. Check Payments

6. Financial Board Report

7. Financial Statement