CHS Class of 2020 Blue

CISD Superintendent Brandon McDowell and Coleman High School Principal Diana Dobbins have released instructions for Friday's graduation of CHS Class of 2020 at Hufford Field.  Attached is a PDF document of the graduation instructions for your printing convenience. 

Hufford Field, May 22, 2020

ALL guests will enter through the Visitor gate (east) – parking available on the practice field.

The gates will open at 7:30 pm. Each student will come to the east parking lot and gather their family for entry into the stadium. Guests are to maintain social distancing as they enter the stadium. *Any guest requiring handicap assistance to enter the stadium, please call the CHS office at 325-625-2156 by Wednesday, May 20.*

All guests must be wearing the school-issued wristband with their student’s name on it.

**An important note about wristbands (entry tickets). Due to social distancing guidelines, leftover tickets are NOT transferrable to another family. For example, if the Askew family only needs 3 tickets they are not allowed to give the remaining 3 tickets to the Lewis family. This would violate the social distancing by family guideline. Thank you for your understanding regarding this matter.**

Each guest must turn in their completed questionnaire upon entry.

All guests will have assigned seating (6 per student). There will be 6 ft. between each guest seat on the field. Personnel will be available to guide guests to the seats assigned to their student.

Upon conclusion of the ceremony, please remain seated. Your student will be released and will accompany their guests as they exit the field to the parking area. Attendees must go directly to their vehicles and depart school grounds. Officers will be present and available to disperse the crowd as needed.


You are to arrive at 7:00 pm in cap and gown and in school dress code (remember, if you are not following dress code, you will not be allowed to participate). You enter through the home gate. Parking will be available for you behind the home stands. No guests can enter with you. If you do not drive, have someone drop you off at the home gate. They will have to park on practice field/visitor side. 

All students are to gather on the north-west corner of Hufford and maintain social distancing until the ceremony begins. Since no rehearsal is allowed, we will go over the program and seating during this time. 

Upon conclusion of the ceremony, we will introduce each student, starting with the end of the alphabet, and you will go down the aisle, gather your guests and depart the field. There will be table near the visitor gate for students to turn in  NHS drapes.