At the request of a reader, and having not received reports of any new cases lately, Coleman Today checked the Texas Department of State Health Services dashboard on Covid-19 Cases this morning.  As of 4:55 pm Thursday, July 30th, the website shows ZERO Active cases* in Coleman County, with a total of 11 cases reported for the county. 

As always, we will publish official reports from our County Judge on new and current cases.  Also, the Coleman County Medical Center numbers represent ALL tests at their facility, including those for individuals not residing in Coleman County.  It is great information, but is a running total of cases, not a report of active cases.  (Cont. below) 

*The data on the dashboard may NOT show ALL current active cases in Coleman County, since it takes several days, and up to 2 weeks, for reported cases to be finalized and updated by the state office.  CLICK HERE and bookmark the page if you are interested in checking the TDSHS dashboard on Covid-19 cases daily.