city council

Coleman City Council - photo courtesy City of Coleman website

In session this past week, the Coleman City Council covered the following business items.

The Council approved on first reading, a Resolution approving and authorizing the expenditure not to exceed $10,000 for Operation Restoration. The Coleman Economic Development Corporation and Coleman Community Coalition held a public hearing July 8 on a project to provide a secure display for the City of Coleman's 1928 La France fire truck.

Executive Session at 5:20 pm

Item 3A - This item was withdrawn. It was to secure legal advice and counsel from the City Attorney regarding property at the corner of Walnut and Commercial, with be lease agreement between Mbogo Real Estate, LP and the City of Coleman, or purchase.

Item 3B - To secure legal advice and counsel from City Attorney regarding a property located within the city limits and to deliberate the transfer of ownership of the property to the Lions Club of Coleman.

VOTE - The Council returned to Open Session at 5:41 pm. The Council voted unanimously to transfer the ownership of the property to the Lions Club. Mayor Tommy Sloan gave an explanation of this item. "Years ago, the Lions Club owned what everybody refers to as the Little League baseball fields on the north side of town. In August of 1969 the Coleman Lions Club deeded that property to the City of Coleman so that our youth could enjoy the facilities. But the deed has some conveyance in it that once the fields are no longer used or properly used, either way, that automatically those fields will revert back to the Coleman Lions Club. When I say revert back, they'll revert back regardless of what we do because we're not using those fields anymore. The Council, over this past year, worked a partnership with the EDC and also the complex facilities on getting the new facilities built so our resources have been redirected from the north side to the brand new facilities. We just want everybody to understand what's on the agenda.. it's not by choice. We don't have a choice. We cannot keep the fields legally. They're already reverted back to the Lions Club. The item on the table is just to make it very clear to the public what's happened," Sloan said.

Item 5 - The Council will participate in a Pre-Budget Workshop to identify goals, objectives and priorities for the Fiscal Year 2022 City of Coleman Budget. City Manager Diana Lopez went over objectives to include water and electrical infrastructure, streets, alleys and sidewalks, parks, community improvements and facilities.

Preliminary Assumptions going into the new budget year:

  • Conservative approach to Sales Tax Revenue Projections utilizing historical data for the last 5 fiscal years to project sales tax for Fiscal Year 2021
  • Utility Revenue will remain consistent with historical consumption data for the last 5 fiscal years
  • Premiums for Health Insurance are anticipated to increase significantly, estimated renewal to be 43.4%