The Earle Smith Jewelers building is going through a transformation. Owner Lauren Cecil is having it remodeled so she can rent it out.  That's where Nancy and Stace Nicholson come in... Bucketheads will be renting the space for their fourth brick & mortar store.  I sat down with the Nicholson's Tuesday evening and visited about the beginning and growth of their business. 

Bucketheads is a family owned and operated boutique and home goods store.  The family business started as a side-job for Natalie Nicholson, daughter of Nancy and Stace Nicholson, as a means to pay for college. Natalie made jewelry and sold it at shows. In 2009 Stace decided they should "kick it up a notch" and rented space in the Abilene Mall, unbeknownst to his wife Nancy and Natalie. They opened up on Black Friday (Friday after Thanksgiving) in 2009 selling mostly "Lucky Strands by Natalie" jewelry.  

Since the space had been rented through December, at that time they packed up everything and got ready to move out of the Mall, while looking around for another place. They received a call from mall staff asking them if they wanted to take a more permanent place in the Mall. They agreed to, and work began in a new space there. They opened in February 2010 as "Bucketheads."  The Nicholson's opened a second store in Lubbock and a third store at 3194 S. 27th in the Chimney Plaza in Abilene.

Jump a few years to Nancy inheriting a farm in Coleman County, drawing them to spend time in the area. After watching the progress happening in Downtown Coleman, they decided to join in the fun! They have hired at least one local young lady to work for them in Coleman. They and their staff in Abilene will be sharing the duties of running the store for awhile, hoping eventually to have a full-time manager.   (Read more below...)

The Nicholson's hope to open the first week in June, and plan to have outfits ready for the Coleman PRCA Rodeo FUN! Bucketheads in Coleman will have Women's clothing, t-shirts, men's gifts and accessories, and some home décor items.  As Nancy said, "a mixture of merchandise from our two Abilene stores."  Watch for announcements for the opening of Bucketheads in Coleman, and let's welcome them to our wonderful Downtown Coleman!

You can go to their website  -   follow Bucketheads on Facebook at ilovebucketheads   -   OR follow on Instagram on one these four pages:  @BUCKETHEADS_ABI  -  @BUCKETHEADS_LBK  -   @BUCKETHEADS_HOME_GIFT   - @BUCKETHEADS_COLEMAN

  • BUCKETHEADS in the Mall:
    • 4310 Buffalo Gap Rd - 325-695-0348
  • HOME & GIFT STORE in Abilene:
    • 3194 S 27th - 325-695-0348
    • 2910 W Loop 289, 806-407-3385