Bonneville - Bonnevinyl

Businesses in Downtown Coleman owned by Bonnie West. 

We are publishing a few articles that Becky Slayton of the Chamber of Commerce gathered from women she believes are leaders in Coleman.  Becky said, "This is a perfect opportunity to honor some women in our Town and learn about some of the remarkable female leaders throughout Coleman County."  Today's woman to celebrate is Bonnie West - in her own words...

Bonnie West

In 2014, most of the buildings in downtown Coleman were empty. And most of the building facades were beige and dirty. 

I decided to clean and paint the front of ONE building, with the owner’s permission. That turned into receiving donation from individuals and painting more building facades. So far, 22 buildings have been painted!! 

A small group of ladies and I then raised money from individual donors and the EDC to fund the first mural – the colorful cactus on the side of Odd & Company. The cow portraits on the side of Jamison Mercantile were installed at the same time. 

I was excited about the progress in the 4 downtown blocks and convinced my husband, Bill Henning, that we needed to buy a building and open a shop. I had no retail experience but figured I could learn.  

I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and still love the fashion, music, cars, and décor of those years. So, I decided to sell vintage mid-century modern furniture and décor. MCM was a hot market in 1995 and is still.  

Fast, sporty cars were an important part of the 50’s and 60’s culture. BONNEVILLE was named after the Pontiac Bonneville vehicle and as a play on my first name. Bonneville in downtown Coleman is definitely a place you have to walk into to believe!