Football 2020

Coleman Today photo from the opening of the Merkel football game during the 2019-2020 season.  

From Coach John Elder:  I want to take this opportunity during these trying times to still show my appreciation for our Senior Athletes, and thank them for their dedication and commitment to Coleman Athletics.  I also would like to recognize our award winners for each sport, even though we didn’t get to complete our seasons, we still would like to honor these deserving athletes. 

I want to give a special thanks to our parents and guardians for allowing us the opportunity to work with these student athletes.  We know that adding athletics to an already busy life and unforeseen circumstances takes an extra commitment and dedication.  

Thanks again for letting us be a part of your child’s life and we look forward to the future success of Coleman Athletics.

Athletic Awards:


  • FB MVP: Gage Sikes
  • FB Pride: Blake Greaves


  • VB MVP: Abbi Allen
  • VB Pride: Ginny Arnold/Kelly Hale


  • XC MVP: Paul Rosales
  • XC Pride: Cristian Mares
  • XC MVP: Emily Taylor
  • XC Pride:  Brittany Olinger


  • BB MVP: Jalen Sharpe
  • BB Pride: Blake Greaves
  • BB MVP: Ginny Arnold
  • BB Pride: Abbi Allen/Kelly Hale


  • BsB MVP: Corbin Rosales
  • BsB Pride: Caden Amos


  • SB MVP: Aislyn Cox
  • SB Pride: Baylie Diaz/Gabby Guerrero


  • PL MVP: Jeryd Fain
  • PL Pride: Gage Sikes
  • PL MVP: Alisha Parks
  • PL Pride: Emily Taylor


  • Track MVP: Gage Sikes
  • Track Pride: Gage Sikes
  • Track MVP: Jordan Rae
  • Track Pride: Adley Johnson


  • Golf MVP: Braxton Barker
  • Golf Pride: Tyler Hale
  • Golf MVP: Kelly Hale
  • Golf Pride: Abbigail Wyatt


  • Tennis MVP: Justin Huddleston
  • Tennis Pride: Xander Crutcher
  • Tennis MVP: Latara Strawbridge
  • Tennis Pride: Hannah Rose/Makailey Rosales

Senior Athletes:

  • Blake Greaves, Caden Amos, Kolton Keeney, Gage Sikes, Kayden Castleberry, Jhordan Gutierrez, Jett Vann, Bobby Burrow, Danny DeLeon
  • Ginny Arnold, Baylie Diaz, Gabby Guerrero, Kelly Hale, Brittany Olinger, Latara Strawbridge, Alyssa Thomas