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Photos above courtesy of Coleman Public Library.

The Coleman Public Library will be hosting a Book Author Signing Event, on Saturday, December 3, 2022, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm at the Coleman Public Library.  Fifteen authors have signed up for the event.  Last week, the first five authors were presented with biographies and the book they will be promoting.  Six more authors are introduced this week and next week Librarian Sue Dossey will provide the last four authors. During the event, each author will be allowed a 20-minute session to introduce themselves, discuss their book and participate in a “Ask and Author” at the end of their time allowed.

Shannon McFarland – Shannon is one of five authors, (Author, Gail Kittleson, Author Michael Barr, Author Gina Lister, and Author Lynn Dean) writing a collection of stories in the book A Hill Country Christmas: Hope for Hardscrabble Times.  The book contains a collection of stories from every corner of the Texas Hill Country.   History comes alive with multicultural Christmas stories about life and death, humor and sadness, heartache and romance, the blessings of Christmas, and the triumph of the human spirit.  

Jean Langford widow of Carl Langford - has compiled copies of his weekly writings into a book titled, Coleman County Stories & More Every Memorial Has a Story. Carl Lanford grew up and retired in Coleman County.  He served in the Air Force and because of his honor and respect for our veterans he would place flags in the Santa Anna and Coleman Cemeteries on Memorial and Veterans Day.  He found and marked unmarked graves so none were forgotten.  His book contains a weekly local history column, From the Grave.  The column ran for 12 years and was enjoyed by readers of the local paper, Coleman Chronicle & Democrat-Voice.  Much of the research and history in the book originally appeared in From the Grave.

Ralph Terry – After purchasing Hug Capps Studio in 1974 he owned and operated Terry Studio in Coleman for many years.  He has been called and IS the “Coleman County Historian”.  In his many years of serving Coleman County in the photography field, he has obtained many historical photographs pertaining to the earliest day of Coleman County through today.  His Looking Backwards volumes are photographs from the earliest days of Coleman and Coleman County to the pre-World War II era. The books are named after a historical column, Looking Backward which Ralph has written periodically for the Coleman Chronicle and Democrat-Voice newspaper for the past 25 years.  Ralph was the primary editor of A History of Coleman County and its People completed in 1985.  He has also published Coleman High School Football Records (1988), Coleman County Cemetery Inscriptions (1988), Coleman County Cemetery Inscriptions (1988), The Episcopal Church in Northwest Texas (1990), and Greer Family Records (2000).     

Olivia de Los Santos – Oliva is a 1967 graduate of Mozelle High School, a writer for the Coleman Chronicle and Democrat-Voice newspaper since 1984, and a member of the Coleman County Historical Commission.  Olivia’s love for the communities of Leaday and Voss, and the need to share her talent of writing inspired her to write Leaday Country.  Olivia wrote the book for Coleman County readers who may be looking for some Southern Coleman County history.

Michael Herbert – Mr. Herbert is the pastor at Coleman Central Baptist Church since July 2021.  He is a family Counselor and also teaches the Taekwondo after-school program here in Coleman.  He and his wife are excited to be in the community and would like to present his book What Makes Love True?  The book involves tragic circumstances, and it is an attempt to give real meaning to the question, what is love?  Michael wants to communicate to the reader that there are some absolutes that are real and tangible regarding the meaning of love.  

Sandip V. Mathur M.D. – Dr. Mathur was born in India and trained in London and Houston.  He is an internist and gastroenterologist.  He lives with his wife Mishi in Abilene, Texas.  He enjoys writing, reading, and gardening.  He uses his practice as a platform to engage in the lives of his patients and loves to document their fascinating stories. 

Cowboys and Indian, A Doctor’s first year in Texas - Meet a young doctor just starting his practice.  In the ER he diagnoses and treats patients with heart attacks, collapsed lungs, meningitis, seizures, and other emergencies.  Dr. Mathur’s heartwarming and occasionally hilarious story depicts human relationships at many levels.  These stories portray a doctor’s life at its best and its worst, the personal toll of practicing medicine as well as the many rewards of working in an underserved hospital. 

Cowboys and Indian II: The Great British Hospital of Texas – This memoir continues the saga from the first book, Cowboys and Indian: A Doctor’s First Year in Texas, and includes a prologue to update the reader.  The second book is about practicing medicine in a remote Texas hospital with a male nurse from Britain.  They use their limited resources to treat emergency room patients with varied issues.  Like the first book Dr. Mathur reflects on the heartwarming and humorous stories of his patients and gives the reader a unique understanding of the medical profession and the procedures used in an ER clinic.