Send us your favorite spring photo.  We will add to this album as you send us your best!     The first photos published were from Becky Hohmann, CHS teacher.  She included a hummingbird picture among all the bluebonnet photos.  We will be adding future photos to the beginning of the album. 

Emily and Dyson host today's Bluecat News Network.  So many CHS teams are having great success this spring.  Tennis, Track, UIL, FCCLA and many others are advancing to Regionals and beyond.  Learn more in this episode.  And today is grilled cheese sandwich day - so we're going to celebrate.

Jalen and Jody host this episode of the Bluecat News Network. We have highlights from the 2nd annual CISD Hall of Honor ceremony, the winners from the FCCLA competition, and we clarify the rumors about the end of exemptions from finals. That and more on the Bluecat News Network.