LisaMarie Gomez

LisaMarie Gomez - Santa Anna High School Class of 2022

Santa Anna High School Class of 2022

LisaMarie Gomez is the daughter of Mary Castillo and Fabian Gomez

During high school, the sports I participated in included basketball all four years, cross country for three years, softball for one year, track for three years, and tennis for one year. All team experiences taught me how to demonstrate strength of character as a good sport and to always display a positive attitude no matter the outcome of the games. These sports also developed team and leadership skills that I will forever cherish and carry with me in all of my life’s endeavors.

Other activities included band all four years, football manager all four years, and a position as one of the class officers for three years. Lessons learned from these experiences solidified the theory that I can do anything I set my mind to master.  Acquiring the ability to play an instrument instilled in me the value of practice repetition to gain skills while being a football manager has shown me how to have patience with others along with how to listen to other people. Serving as a class officer taught me that being a leader is very important in that my peers were depending on me to make good decisions and to be responsible for disseminating information.

Being selected as the Homecoming Queen, Prom Queen, and Band Sweetheart are humbling experiences that I value and that I feel affirm the leadership qualities that I have attained during my time at Santa Anna ISD.

Santa Anna ISD has offered great opportunities for academic and personal growth all through my four years. I am grateful for the opportunity to become CPR certified along with all other opportunities from which I benefited.

My goal is to complete a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree to gain core business skills in accounting, finance, project management, information technology, human resources, and marketing. I plan to utilize these skills to positivity impact the corporation world with the goal of eventually becoming a successful self-employed business owner.