The gifted and talented program of Coleman I.S.D. accepts parent nominations. Parents of a Kindergarten student, who thinks their child might benefit from such a program, are invited to nominate him or her.

A student that qualifies for this program may possess a number of the following traits:

  • Reads at an early age and has advanced understanding
  • Reads widely and intensively in areas of special interest
  • Is highly curious
  • Displays creativeness and inventiveness
  • Appears to have remarkable ability in an academic area

Identification for entrance into the program will be based on a number of criteria with the selection being made by a committee of educators. Nomination does not necessarily mean acceptance into the program; however, it will initiate the identification process.

Forms for nomination may be obtained from the elementary office. Nominations should be returned by March 22.


  • Occurred Friday, March 22nd, 2019 — all day